As an energy producer

ENGIE Electrabel is a producer that actively works on the progressive decarbonization of its production park, while guarantying a security of supply and competitive prices.

Our objective is to have renewable energy-based generating facilities making it possible to cover the total consumption of 1 million households by 2015. In 2011 we were already able to produce the equivalent consumption of 600 000 households.

We keep a very close eye on the energy and environmental performance of our power plants. The CO2 emissions of our conventional facilities are among the lowest in Europe. And we continue to invest to remain efficient.

Nuclear energy holds a prime place in the energy mix. ENGIE Electrabel has a perfect command of this technology and makes reducing the safety risks and the impact on the environment its main industrial priority.

In addition to the measures taken to limit the carbon footprint from our production facilities, we make sure that we reduce emissions of pollutants into the air and contamination with regard to water, soil and waste.