The characteristics of nuclear energy

The characteristics of nuclear energy are quite numerous: the fission of uranium atoms, the phenomena of radioactivity, the categories of waste and their treatment, the safety measures, its contribution to the energy challenges… Discover them with some clicks.

The Doel and Tihange nuclear power plants are pressurised water reactor plants (PWR). This is the most common type of nuclear power plant in the world.

Nuclear safety is an absolute priority for ENGIE Electrabel. It covers all technical and organizational measures that are taken during the conception, construction, operation and shut down of the power plant, aiming to protect under all circumstances man and environment.

Nuclear energy is linked to the phenomenon of radioactivity and the production of radioactive waste. Radioactivity that has been produced since the creation of the universe also in nature, can have harmful effects and requires special precautions.

Europe faces an extraordinary challenge as regards energy: the need to attain a level of independence ensuring security of supply, while at the same time bearing in mind environmental and economic issues. This can only be done by using the whole range of resources available.