ENGIE Electrabel's primary concern is to respond to the needs of its customers. The company anticipates new market expectations by constantly updating its range of services. It encourages long-term relationships with its customers, based on proximity and trust, rather than a short-term approach based only on price.

ENGIE Electrabel’s generating facilities are defined by a diversification of technology and fuels and by a low-carbon footprint. This energy mix makes it possible to guarantee the security of supply of its customers and to offer energy at a competitive price while respecting the environment.

ENGIE Electrabel sells electricity, natural gas and energy services. The company offers its customers energy solutions with added value and a customized service.

ENGIE Electrabel’s sales and generation activities are supported and optimized by energy management and trading operations of the GDF SUEZ Group on the European and international energy markets.

The Research and Innovation program of ENGIE Electrabel aims to respond pragmatically to the new energy needs and challenges that the market is facing or will have to face concerning both the consumption and the production of energy.